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For local crafters and artists to sell their goods at our stores on a commission basis.  Please call, email, or FB message!

We have a new section-- The Green Leaf

A selection of eco-friendly products from local artisans as well as environmentally-conscious wholesalers. Check out our selection of soaps, shampoos, bamboo toothbrushes, coconut dish scrubbers, and more!

Children's, Chapter, Young Adult, Science, Religion, Philosophy, Fiction, Non-fiction (many categories), Reference, Media, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Self-Help, History, Biographies & Autobiographies, Mystery & Thriller, Romance, Western, Art, Crafts, How-to, Construction, Collections, Outdoor Living, Music, Parenting, Education, Pets & Animals, Paranormal,  ​​Health & Healing, Travel, Transportation, Humor, Sports, Business & Finance, Cookbooks, Classics, Poetry, Literary Criticism, Writing, Myth & Folklore, Foreign Language, Drama, Vinyl, CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks, Journals, Book Store Swag, and specialty cards, handmade cloth bags, and art (made by  local crafters and artists).

We also have NEW books by local authors!  (Our only new books.)

Please support your creative neighbors!

We, Alex and Amanda, are those people who will drive two extra hours to stop by a cool bookstore we heard about from a friend, who will pull over on the side of the highway to rescue books abandoned there, who will call a friend six months later to tell them we found the book they mentioned wanting to read at that one party-- do they still want it?  

We rescue books in the same way others rescue pets, and we want all of them to find the right homes.  We love to read books and talk about books and organize books... so we were destined to become  English teachers, librarians, or booksellers.  Amanda is doing the English teacher gig full time right now and Alex has retired to dive full time into book selling.  (We are friends with many, many librarians, so we're covered there, too.)

In our store and storage room live 70,000 quality used books waiting to be read again.  

What are you looking for?

Even better, let us help you find that good book you didn't even know you wanted...  Come browse our selection at our shop in Pine Bush on Main Street.  We also ship!